About Us

Fearless, professional, and above all, powerful, a woman who wears Lost April encompasses all that is feminine. These upscale pieces raise the bar in quality and comfort and the simplistic styles bring out the natural beauty of each woman. From luster to luxury, Lost April has all you need to dress like a boss and make your presence known. Be a voice, not an echo.


Our Mission

Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction. Each unique piece is custom made by our designers using the highest quality fabrics and materials.

Additionally, Lost April is not only dedicated to our customers, but we are devoted to our community and helping those in need through philanthropy. We strive to positively impact the world around us and firmly believe in the act of being selfless. By using the non-profit organization, Love Number One, started by our founder, Jacob Jeon, we can change the lives of the less fortunate around the world.


Manufacturing / Design

Here at Lost April, we have a "total package system" that is built to get our styles to your doorstep as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our unique pieces are designed in our Los Angeles offices and sent straight to our own factories. All the sampling, sewing and production is done the Naked Zebra way, eusuring that we can be extra attentive to the fabrics used and how each design is creative. Because of this unique system, we can produce the highest quality clothing at an affordable, market price.

We always want to make sure that the process runs smoothly so we can get your favorite designs right where you want them, in your closet!